50 Cents Looks Back At 1st Album "Power Of The Dollar," Says Its′ Failure Made Him Unstoppable

50 Cent writes message on instagram about 'Power Of The Dollar' album
50 Cent writes message on instagram about ‘Power Of The Dollar’ album

Rapper 50 Cent has been a successful Hip Hop mogul for nearly 2 decades.  He’s been a part of billion dollar deals, sold millions of records, and broke Television network rating records with ‘Power.’    Today the rapper took to Instagram to admit it was not always ‘all gravy’ however.  Fif’ admits his first album, Power of The Dollar, was a learning curve.

“This album was good,” wrote 50 Cent on the classic rap project.   He continues on how a great project, still failed.

“SMH I got black balled like a motherfucker. I new my music had to be better then good to win. So I worked harder on it. Get Rich or Die Trying #effenvodka

Indeed he had to work harder because at the time, 50 cent’s hit single “How to Rob,” went at the neck of almost every rapper on the New York scene.  Jay Z, Ghostface Killah, and Diddy would all fire back at the record in time.  However, it’s Fiddy’s beef with Murder Inc records that would cause the industry to shun the Queens MC and force him to create an energy nearly unreal to survive in the music industry.

That force was “Get Rich Or Die Trying.”

50 Cent "Power Of The Dollar" album snippets tape
50 Cent “Power Of The Dollar” album snippets tape

While GRODT totally overshadowed the “Power Of The Dollar” album, 50 Cent now credits the album with helping himself tap another level of force never before seen in Hip Hop culture.  It’s never been been repeated since either.
On another Instagram post, showing the POTD tape, Fifty wrote “I thought I was ready when wrote this album but I wasn’t, they blocked this one But the next one was to strong to block. #effenvodka.”

See images of 50 Cent’s Instagram flashbacks here on PHH.

For those who want to look it up, Power of The Dollar was set to be released in 2000 by Columbia Records. The project was stopped due to pressure from industry figures who worked like ‘shadows’ against Fif and yet to be identified today.


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