Aspect Zavi Cut His Hair Off, Dreads Are Gone

Azpect Zavi with new haircut
Azpect Zavi with new haircut

Wow, this is a shocker for the fans of social media dancers.   Most everyone has hair and color in 2017.   Yvng Swag just changed his hair color to blue [see here], while Ayo & Teo rock afros alongside Kvng Khii on tour.   It looks like once person famous for ‘Hittin Dem Folks’ is tired of being another head of hair flying in the wind.  Today Azpect Zavi cut off his hair.

“Too many MF’s got hair now; WATCH ME DIP ?; @360jeezy @topwavers” wrote AZ for the caption of his new instagram upload.

In the picture, he appears to have a low even cut on the top with a fade on the sides.  Not to be distracted by all the gold jewelery and bling he’s got across the neck and wrist, the waves on his head are also shining.  The line up of his cut well done.

Apparently looking to be a trendsetter amongst social media celebrities, Azpect Zavi cut his hair off leaving fans shocked.  Will this start a new trend?  Probably not but who knows.

Fan replies were swift. In under two hours there was nearly 1,900 likes to the picture.  A captivating thing for sure to see on timelines of instagram, followers of Zavi left 173 comments about the haircut.

Some thought it was positive to make the cut. They appreciated the new look for Azpect writing, “Looks spiffy?” and “Looks good??.”

Others hate the idea of cutting off his signature dreads was crazy.

“Omg y u do that”  and “What the f–k” were amongst some of the most common sentiments.

What’s your thoughts on Zavi’s cut and new look without the dreads?  Log into your Facebook and leave a comment beneath the story.  Photo of the new balder AZ is above.


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