"Bad And Boujee" Video Models: Instagram Pics & Life After Viral

Bad and Boujee Video Models
Bad and Boujee Video Models

The official Migos “Bad and Boujee” rap video went viral reaching nearly over 165 million views since it’s debut in October 2016.  Today, the single is heard in most every country thanks to the eye appealing visual that featured the Atlanta Hip Hop trio going out on a date night with 3 beautiful, African-American models.   Those girls indeed went viral in the minds of millions well but few knew who they were.  Thanks to instgram, they have been found.

Who are these girls?

The names of the 3 Bad and Boujee features are Clarke Lauren, Rubi Rose, and VKVibes aka Vicky Vibes.  Their official instagrams are @ClarkeLauren_@_RubiRose , and @VkVibes.

Since the video spurred “Bad and Bouje” going platinum, the girls’ successes have been rising as well. Some of the trio have posted a shout out to those that doubted their goals in the modeling world, tossing a few witty cracks at the naysayers.

Vicky Vibes wrote, “Feels good to be apart of the #1 record on iTunes. This video was seen over 66 MILLION times! Like…whaaaat?! Despite the niggas I wasted magic on, 2016 was my glow up year. Thank you Lord. ”


A video posted by Rubi Rose (@_rubirose) on

Clearly proud of herself, Vicky’s self-confidence booster wasn’t as bold as Rubi Rose.  The caramel counterpart with curly hair was not so ‘outward’ with pronouncing her sucess. Instead she just posted videos supporting the video with followers quickly commenting on their past thoughts of  recognization.  “I knew that was you” wrote one friend.

Clarke Lauren didn’t say anything before the video’s success but did seemingly admit Bad and Boujee’s viral explosion was a surprise.  On her instagram she wrote, “Crazy! 93M views!! Bad & Boujee?.”

Above and below find multiple photos from the Bad and Boujee co-stars instagrams.  All 3 girls are models.  Clarke Lauren is a rising Hollywood actress.




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