Drake Tells White Radio Host Light Skin Lyric Is From Silly Black American Culture

Drake in the pink, full length winter bubble coat by Stone Island
Drake in the pink, full length winter bubble coat by Stone Island

Drizzy is going to be on the hot seat after this story goes viral.   The rapper who has made a living by infiltrating Black American culture may have just tossed shots at the hand that fed him.  The Toronto pop artist ‘faulted’ his lyrical joke of being light skin in a recent single to a ‘silly Black American thing’ during an interview with English radio host DJ Semtex.

“What does that mean? Why you acting black [light skin]?” asked the radio host DJ  seemingly hesititantly.

Drake replies “Why you acting light skin?  You mean that line?”

“Yea… Yeah, yeah,” says Semtex.

“That’s like very.. An American thing to say. [Its] like ‘Oh man you’re being light skin,’ like ya’ know… like.. umm.. like I guess they say it’s like emotional you know,” says Drake on the topic, seeming to carefully plot his words.

He continues elaborating in the conversation, “I think it’s a ridiculous stereotype but I was just playing on the irony of it because I’m actually light skin. So… so it just made me laugh. So i just said yeah.  It’s just like a silly stereotype in like Black American culture, that light skin guys are this way or that way.”

While this may not be the ‘worst’ thing to say, it’s how Drake and Semtex discuss it that makes it odd. Drizzy’s words are usually very well thought out and fans wants clarification of this now as the OVO rapper’s been called a culture vulture various times.

What’s your thoughts on the situation?  Listen to the interview by scrolling down and hear Drake’s full comments beginning at around the 19:00 minute mark.  Comment on Popular Hip Hop with your belief in the 6 god’s statement.

The lyric being reference is from the single “Child’s play.”  The music video is here on PHH (click here).


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