Eminem′s Slang Terminology "Stan" Added To Oxford Dictionary

Eminem and Drake
Eminem and Drake

You may have wise-cracked with a teacher or educated official before and called them a “Stan,”  able to get away with the term without them knowing what you meant.  The term created by Eminem in 2000, basically alluded to the idea of someone being an estranged fan, who is doing too much or ‘riding the jock.’  Soon, everyone who has an education will have a higher chance of knowing what a Stan is however.

The slang word which Eminem created and popularized with his 2000 hit single, ‘Stan,’ has become so popular it has been added to the Oxford dictionary.  It’s an official word by both British and American English standards according to their on-line website (see here).

According to the O.D., the word is both used as a noun and a verb.  The difference is whether describing a person or their actions, being.

The official definition reads “Be an overzealous or obsessive fan of a particular celebrity”  or for noun form, “An overzealous or obsessive fan of a particular celebrity.”

Eminem is credited as the originator for the term.

Other words that have been made official from Urban and Hip Hop culture include Lil Wayne’s “Bling” and “Bootylicious” by Beyonce Knowles-Carter.


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