Expert Predicts Bitcoins Will Surge To Value of $25,000 Each, $24k Profit

Physical Bitcoin for in-person transactions
Physical Bitcoin for in-person transactions

Want to buy your car or house with ease?  This may be the tip off of the century to change your life.   One bitcoin purchase today may give you the bulk of the cash to pay for either of those investments.   According to the president of  Lamoureux & Co., a market research company, buying a bitcoin today for $1100, may return $25,000 in the future.

Who’s making this prediction?

Yves Lamoureux, president of the L&Co. market research firm.   After studying raw data, he’s made this forecast with supportive evidence based on mathematics.

Why would this happen?

The first thing to understand is the limited supply of Bitcoin, says Lamoureux.  Like any other thing in history that’s held value, such as gold or diamonds, much of that is based on the limiting of supply to public.  Bitcoin is capped at 21 million tokens, and that cannot be changed.  Like gold or real estate, one of the most secure assets to have, Bitcoin is not lowering because demand will grow with technology.

Some may not believe this, but Yves says history has proven human habit is everything. When humans latch on to something such as bitcoin and the trend runs parallel with a staple of society, it will continue to integrate into society and grow along with that staple.  In layman’s terms, as the use of technology grows, so will this digital currency’s demand.

Bitcoin Chart [ 2016-2017 ]
Bitcoin Chart [ 2016-2017 ]

Lamoureux does view one hurdle in the way of Bitcoins becoming worth $25,000 each.  The L&Co. President says public skepticism will have to be quailed.  It won’t be until the coins are completely accepted in the public eye, will the tokens have a chance to reach such heights.

For those unaware, Bitcoin has already seen massive growth in the past.  These crypto currency coins were at one point selling for $10 each and as of today, have risen to over $1100 in value due to demand.  Much of the early desire for the coins as driven by shady internet markets with the need to ‘hide’ money trails.

When a Bitcoin’s value changes, you do not have to pay more . Like stock, your investment simply goes up in value and you can sell at will to pull your profit.

To see the digital currency’s value charts: click here.    Those interested in investing can visit for more information.


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