Fredo Santana Announces Girlfriend Pregnant With His 1st Child


Fredo Santana and Girlfriend showoff pregnancy
Fredo Santana and Girlfriend showoff pregnancy

“Fredo in the Cut, that’s a scary sight” is the infamous, 2012 rap line that gave birth to one of Hip Hop’s most respected figures from Chicago.   Half a decade ago the Glo Gang leader shouted him out and since he’s maintained a successful career of his own.   Adding to that success today, Fredo Santana announced he’s starting a family with his girlfriend as she’s pregnant with his first child.

Holding the stomach of a female not previously seen on his Instagram (not recently), Chicago’s gangster rapper shows his softer side with his latest photo upload to IG.

“Having my first child in a couple months🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽” he writes as the picture’s caption.

The photo gained the attention of nearly 40,000 followers in less than 12 hours.  Likes continue to roll in, along with a total of nearly 2k comments.

Most fans left positive messages of congratulations for  Fredo and his girlfriend.   However, with him being a little out of shape, some fans unloaded jokes on the rapper.

“D-mn who pregnant you or her?😭😭😭😭” wrote Jboogie_tha_don.

See the double-pregnancy picture above here on PHH. Follow the rapper on Instagram for the latest updates on the pregnancy (@fredosantanassr).


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