French Montana Shows Versace Bedroom Decoration & Home Movie Theater

French Montana in Versace Bedroom
French Montana in Versace Bedroom

Rapper French Montana has been a staple on the scene since signing with P.Diddy and the Bad Boy Records company in 2016.  It seems The Bronx native is something like Puffy’s chance to redeem himself and make an artist end life with wealth.  Constantly showing fans he’s earning well behind the flashy CEO, Montana’s done it again. Today he posted a photograph on his Instagram giving an inside look at his Versace bedroom and home movie theater, part of a new video set.

FM added no words to the post.  As the old saying goes “A picture speaks 1000 words” and this definitely did.

In the photo , French Montana is reclined tossing deuces to the camera man.  However normal it seems, it’s not.  The “Choppa Down” rapper is posted up against a 4 row home theater.   On the wall of the video set room is also a Versace logo and paint job or cover.  In another room of the set, there’s also a King size  bed covered in a plush Versace comforter, pillows, and possibly even a rug.

Adding to the luxury video set or home is not the end of the money count however.  French is wearing a black fur coat, which is likely the hair of some sort of mink or exotic animal.  On his hand, a diamond ring.

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