Gangster Smacking Rival In Funeral Coffin Video Fake, YouTube Hoax

8JTV Comedy Crew
8JTV Comedy Crew

It looks like the Gang Member Slapping Dead Rival video is not the real deal. The super hardcore gangster we thought was the most disrespectful man in the world turns out to be an actor.  The viral video which has hit WSHH, VladTV, and most other blog sites was a clip from a sketch comedy.  New York-based YouTube channel 8JTVComedy produced the entire Facebook live skit.

The full video is actually 7:22 seconds and it seems someone, possibly 8JTV, cut the cell phone recorded footage to promote separately.  The effects of using the cell phone to record prove to be much more valuable than the video set and high quality cameras used to film other parts.  The world is hooked into thinking the one clip is real.

The segment in the comedy which features this clip has one actor portraying the lifestyle of a super, hardcore gangster, with a mix of Soulja Boy.   The clip starts off with the actor announcing he’s at the whack funeral of his rival and gets pushed off by a man attending when he says, “They trying to say Big Kenny ain’t from the hood.  -d-mn- They trying to say Big Ken aint the big homie.”

Big Kenny then continues to the casket of his rival where he takes over the funeral session.  After telling people at the wake to shut up, he goes on to film the infamous open handed slap of his dead rival.

The 8JTVComedy actor who plays the role of the dead rival is one of the crew’s main acts.   It’s believed he may have arranged and plotted this entire sketch.

Watch the full “What You Shouldn’t Say/Do At A Funeral Home” sketch comedy above on Popular Hip Hop. Follow the crew on instagram @8JTV.



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