Gucci Mane′s Ex-Girlfriend Nona Malone A Prostitute? Video Of Her Sexing In Strip Club Leaks

Nona Malone, Gucci Mane's ex-girlfriend
Nona Malone, Gucci Mane’s ex-girlfriend

Rapper Gucci Mane may be married now but his past associations can still come back to haunt him in the media.  Not that it’s him doing bad but some may question if he was paying to keep some of his past lovers in his life.   At least that’s the case with ex-girlfriend,  Nona Malone.  The former flame was busted in a strip club having sex with a client for cash and that video’s made it’s way to the web. first reported the notorious story.    Since then, it’s become a topic of debate with blogs and even radio talking about the event.

In the video, Nona Malone appears to be getting smashed doggy style at the strip club “Ace Of Spades.”  The said prostitution case took place in Detroit, Michigan and involved the ex-girlfriend of rapper Gucci Mane having sexual intercourse with Instagram user @Moe_Ali1996.

Moe_Ali and Nona Malone In 'Ace Of Spades' strip club in Detroit
Moe_Ali and Nona Malone In ‘Ace Of Spades’ strip club in Detroit

The man in the video says he was gifted the p–sy and paid for nothing except $9 for a beer.  A regular at various Strip clubs in the area, Moe says he was drunk off 2 bottles of Moet & Chaundon the night of the situation.   He was celebrating his 21st birthday and when Nona propositioned him to smash, he obliged.

Neither Nona nor Moe knew they were being recorded. After the two had a short romp, security grabbed the 21-year-old birthday boy and threw him out of the club.  It’s not clear if the stripper still has a job there at ‘Ace of Spades.’

Watch the viral video here on PopularHipHop below.  See the interview with ‘Moe’ as well as Nona’s response, denying having sex, beneath the report. However, it’s very clear she is doing something ‘strange.’


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