Impossible: 6 New Rap Songs That Will Never Happen

Jay Z may embrace new school but not Lil Yachty
Jay Z may embrace new school but not Lil Yachty

Random editorial here on Popular Hip Hop today.   The thought crossed our team’s mind about, what are some

awkward songwriting collaboration ideas.   The end result is our 6 New Rap Songs that will never happen, post.  If any of these actually do happen,  PHH will donate 10% of our monthly earnings to a charity courtesy of these artists.
1) Jay Z and Lil Yatchty
Why won’t this ever happen?  Simple, PHH can’t see Jigga man respecting the craft of Lil Boat.   The kid’s image, the way he disrespected Tupac and Biggie, and his overall song make up remind most of a minstrel show.   While some of Yatchty’s antics would be more acceptable if he were to come out and say he were homosexual likely, it’s just too childish.  Jay Z has always been a man of respect and growth, that’s a conflict with Lil Yatchty’s image.

2) Nicki Minaj featuring Remy  Ma
(Birdman voice) Is we through or is we done?

This might happen if it’s Remy Ma featuring Nicki Minaj but not the other way around.  Rem’ sonned the f–k out of Nicki Minaj with that diss track ShETHER. It’s been a long time since one shot fired put a whole career of 10 years into question but that disrespectful rack by Remy did it.   The only way Nicki can gain her credibility in Hip Hop back is doing a response track or she might as well cross into pop.  The disrespectful nature of the ShETHER track would leave us to believe this collaboration will not be happening.

A new Pusha T and Drake song is coming out in Neveruary 2017
A new Pusha T and Drake song is coming out in Neveruary 2017

3) Pusha T and Drake
YUUUCK!  This would be crazy but the beef’s been lit.  Pusha T had beef with Lil Wayne which transferred over to Drake some might say.  They have traded shots a few times on records and it does not seem repairable.  I think everybody remembers that soul-scathing ‘Exodus 23:1‘ song the Clipse’s  last standing man put out.

4) DMX and I Love Makonnen Song
Makonnen killed himself with most of the industry with all the hate that riddled his twitter timeline. He super dissed Drake then signed with him, only to be exposed later.  He made music and used the images from the perspective of a heterosexual man to sell himself to Hip Hop culture, then later revealed he was gay. It gets no faker.   Imagine what DMX would say or do if this new song opportunity presented itself.  TMZ would pay for that footage.

5)  Meek Mill and The Game
As long as Nicki Minaj doesn’t smash the Game, this will never happen.   Jayceon been jealous of Meek Millz ever since he got with Nick it appears.  Hurricane Game thought he had a chance with Minaj after Safari it appears but it didn’t happen.  Now it seems like everytime he gets, the Compton emcee is barking at the Philadelphia bike rider.   The diss record calling Meek Mill a rat [ watch here ] won’t help make this happen either because it will be on YouTube forever.

J. Cole x Ugly God song coming soon? Not likely!
J. Cole x Ugly God song coming soon? Not likely!

6) J. Cole and Ugly God
Never happening. Eventhough Lil Uzi Vert’s getting big with his melodic work, J.Cole’s not respecting it.  This is somewhat similar to the idea of #1, Jay Z and Lil Yatchty, but even more complex.  For Hollywood Cole there’s got to be a message behind the music and Ugly God is not going to cut it ever realistically.


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