India Westbrooks Sextape Leaked, Love is Lesbian

India Westbrooks has been buzzing on the scene for some time.   From the Compton-version of the Kardahisans (#TeamWestbrooks looks better), she’s the head of the  social media bombshell squad that became a BET show this past year. For fans of Inland Empire born starlet, the long-waited moment has happened.  A sextape has leaked featuring Ron’s old flame. (Remember her 1st boyfriend?)

What’s up with the tape? Is the Game or Drake on it? Another rapper perhaps knocking India’s boots off?

No, it’s not a guy who leaked this sextape.  Instead, this was released by one of India Westbrook’s lesbian lovers.  It’s clearly seen the video a girl’s well manicured hand, stroke the back of IndiaLove.   IW has a thing for more than just men it is now clear.

Who is the girl?  Is it really Kehlani?

Nope.  The tattoos do not match the Toronto songstress rumored to be in the video by some blogs ( view video links here ).  Who it is, is not yet known.  The large, one of a kind ‘LA’ tattoo, lets us know it’s India. Located on her right butt cheek, the inked out spot is clearly displayed in the video.

Rumor has it, there’s more tapes out there as well. At least a second, has surfaced recently. How many more will come? Who knows.


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