Jay-Z Making 2017 Album for Tidal? Filmed Exiting United Studios

Jay Z leaving United Recording Studios with Young Guru & Roc Nation associates
Jay Z leaving United Recording Studios with Young Guru & Roc Nation associates


It’s never been a n–ga this good for this long!  If you know Hip Hop, you should know who that line is from and who this story will be about, without the headline.   Reasonable Doubt rapper Jay Z is buy with his pregnant wife Beyonce, but not too busy for the music they both love.  Mr Carter was filmed by TMZ paparazzi leaving the recording studio with his long-time producer Young Guru and speculation has been drawn that new songs are on the way for 2017.

According to HotNewHiphop Gucci Mane’s main producer Zaytoven already stated he has new music with Jay Z, now this would heighten rumors further.

Jigga-man was caught leaving United Recording Studios on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, doing something on the mic or behind the music.   Judging by the group that he left with, it’s Shawn that was on the mic. No other artists were reported leaving with him and a listening session would not usually be so small in attendee count.  At least not an artist Hov would actually attend to.

TMZ’s camera man shouted ‘congrats man’ to Jay, who’s response was a ‘thank you’ wave with his hand.

After the paparazzi tried to ask about Beyonce performing at Coachella, Young Guru put a hand to the camera and asked the report to ‘Chill.’

Shortly after Jay finished his conversation with the small group of 5 men and hops in his private SUV.  Nothing more was said past that point and Jig quietly exited.

There’s rumors boiling over that Jay Z has an album on the way but it very hard to certify these rants in the industry because his team is so tight lipped.   If it does happen however, there is sure to be a large sum of money put up to make it happen and it is sure to be on Tidal exclusively.  That is a known fact.



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