Jay Z Starts Arrive Venture Capital Firm, Putting Money On "Long Shots" As He Rapped In 1998

Jay Z wears a "2017 T-Shirt" that asks the new year not be a b*tch
Jay Z wears a “2017 T-Shirt” that asks the new year not be a b*tch

Jigga is a prophet through rap lyric. He once said, “I put my money on the long shots / All my ballers that’s born to clock” in a song and that statement has become ultimately true today.   Jay Z has announced he is launching an investment company to put money behind small businesses, ‘Arrive’ venture capital firm.

Arrive will focus on finding start-up businesses in the early stage of development.  If a new business chooses to partner up, the venture capital firm will then inject qualified professionals in every department of the company to scale up business.

In layman’s term, if it’s hot, Jay Z’s company brings gasoline to make the fire explode into different markets.

Arrive is selling itself  to new brands without the fluff.  They simply show the start-up business the experienced personnel that can be applied to future goals.  Also, the VCF will demonstrate through predictive business models how channels of the biz such as branding and new profit sources can  put the value of the start up on an incline.

Jay Z said he would put his money on the “Dreamers” or the long-shots in 1998 rap single ‘Hard Knock Life,’ and it appears his words still hold true almost two decades later.

That’s real rap! For more detail, view the story on TechCruch.com here.


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