Jay Z vs Drake Rivalry Alive in 2017, DJ Khaled, Beyonce, & 21 Savage "Shining"

DJ Khaled and Jay Z Talk at Pre-Grammy party
DJ Khaled and Jay Z Talk at Pre-Grammy party

Drake Vs Jay Z, Rivalry Back On Allegedly, 21 Savage ‘Shining’

The internet is sizzling today with the new single from DJ Khaled.   The track he’s been waiting for his entire life he says on the actual tune.   Yesterday after the Grammy’s award show, he dropped new single “Shining,” featuring The Carters.

Who are “The Carters” ?

If you’ve been living under a rock for a while, the letters J Z and B should hit you off well.

The ‘collossal’ feature of 2 genre Titans, Jay Z and Beyonce, has the internet burning with rumors today.  Beyonce’s fans are amped out of control.  However, Jay’s part is pushing a viral side story.  According to almost everyone, Pitchfork to TheBoomBox the new track “Shining” has Jay Z tossing subliminal Drake disses.

“I know y’all ain’t out here talking numbers, right? I know y’all ain’t out here talking summers, right?” raps Jigga in the first few lines of the alleged diss.   Broken down, it could be aimed at Drake but also could be at anyone in rap today because no one has King Carter’s consistency in Hip Hop today.

DJ Khaled x Beyonce x Jay Z 'Shining' cover artwork
DJ Khaled x Beyonce x Jay Z ‘Shining’ cover artwork

Jay-Z continues, “I know you walkin’ round, talking down / Saying boss shit when you a runner, right?”

This line could also go towards anyone.  However, industry insiders for various blogs say that Drake’s been wanting Jay’s throne for the longest.  For what reason?  Simply his quest to be THE icon of rap, baddest chick, and all that.

None the less, the song itself has no real ‘clues’ that these lines are meant for Drake.  The ‘reach’ from most publications could be accurate but also may be a ploy for click bait.

The real winner from the song is 21 Savage.  The Atlanta rapper has had an amazing 2016 and entering 2017 very strong.  Jay Z used crafty word play to give the 9th Ward Hop Hop prospect a serious boost into the spotlight globally.  The rapper is also featured on Tidal.com’s home page today, which reveals the ‘X’ rapper has business with Shawn Carter’s Roc Nation and/or Tidal.

21 Savage on front page of Tidal
21 Savage on front page of Tidal

A lot is going on today.  How Jay Z got DJ Khaled, 21 Savage, Beyonce, Romeo Santos, Drake, and more winning from one new song is pure brilliance. Also,  Khaled’s son is the baby on the single cover artwork. Another one!

What about Meek Mill though?

Stream the official DJ Khaled x Beyonce & Jay Z ‘Shining’ song beneath here on PopularHipHop.com !


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