Meek Mill Fires Shot At Nicki Minaj, "So Used To Fake…Aint Know What Was Real"

Meek Mill fires subliminal shots back at Nicki Minaj
Meek Mill fires subliminal shots back at Nicki Minaj

Damn, Remy Ma’s ShETHER track was so cold blooded, the after effects are still going almost a week later.   Nicki Minaj took off on Trey Songz first, then Trey & Meek.  Safaree, Da Brat, Meek, Trey, and everybody else says Minaj nees to reply to Remy, it’s Hip Hop.  The Game fighting with Meek Mill on IG, trying to save Nick.  It’s a messy week.  Now, Meek Mill has thrown a subliminal at Nicki to end his  Tuesday night.

“We ain’t never been loved so we ain’t know how that feel” wrote Milly to begin a Instagram photo’s caption. It would have been a normal one-line until it continues.

“They so used to the fake they ain’t know what was real “Can’t disrespect the game and go unchecked”” he adds.

A perceived subliminal at Nicki Minaj, it appears Meek is referring to all the people surrounding the “Super Bass” rapper in her past.  Everyone surrounding her was pretty much business from mananger Fendi to boyfriend/songwriter Safaree to other ex-manger Ms Debbie, which all now call her disloyal for breaking business ties.

Meek appears to refer to himself as the real, because he did not have a need for her to financially gain though he did profit from touring with Nick.

This IG post comes just after he met with Trey Songz in the studio, after Minaj dissed the ‘Nobody Else But You’ singer just a day or so ago.

What’s your thoughts on this subliminal? Is this meant for Nicki?  Sound off in comments. Share.


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