Meek Mill Has Altercation With St.Louis Airport Employee After Not Taking A Photo

Meek Mill At Birthday party of Dream Chaser's Affiliate & Friend 'Coon'
Meek Mill At Birthday party of Dream Chaser’s Affiliate & Friend ‘Coon’

Meek Mill apparently does not appreciate the die hard fans he still has.  One St. Louis, Missouri fanatic had to find this out the hard way from the Philly MC.   Apparently an airport, the “St Lunatic” approached Mill for a photo and the rapper denied.  When the airport worker persisted things turned somewhat physical and police were called to the situation turned altercation.

According to VladTV, the altercation did not lead to an arrest as both parties declined their was an issue.  Police still charged the two however with misdemeanor assault, likely from a light chest bumping, or being in each others faces while talking.

Thanks to the fan let down and sensitivty of that ex-fanatic, Meek Mill will now have to return to St. Louis, Missouri to appear in court.  He was given a summons with the misdemeanor ticket.

The worst part of the entire situation, Meek Mill is currently on probation.   He is still not free from the charges on weapons and drugs, from nearly 10 years ago.   The terms of his probation could make this situation extremely worse than a simple yelling match.   If found to be violating in probates court, he could end up having to do jail time again.

They say you can’t spell Meek Mill without a couple Ls and this story continues to add to the rapper’s woes in Hip Hop culture’s eyes as he still has not fully recovered since the fall out with Drake.


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