Migos "Culture" Album Debuts #1 On Billboard, 1st Time Topping Charts

Migos "Culture" album cover artwork
Migos “Culture” album cover artwork

They’ve come a lot way since shouting “Jumping out the gym,” “Hannah Montana,” and “Versace.”  The Atlanta trio of cousins, an uncle and nephew, have not stopped their trend of growth since those days however.   It has been announced the debut of Migos “Culture” album debuted #1 on Billboard, giving the gang of brothers a new 1st.

Announced on their instagram to celebrate with fans, Migos was the top of the Billboard 200 albums chart.  They sold over 131,000 album equivalent units in it’s first week, which ended February 2nd.   Nielsen Music confirmed and delivered the stats to all.

Topping off the groundbreaking album sales numbers, the lead single “Bad and Boujee” is also #1 on billboard’s Urban & Rap music charts.   It sits #2 on on The Hot 100 chart, only behind Ed Sheeran ‘Shape Of You.’  Eddy and the trio have been battling for the number one spot back and fourth the last couple of weeks.   Lil Uzi Vert is featured on the BAB single.

Thanks to the golden success of the Migos “Culture” album, the group is also scoring points at the bank.  It’s rumored the crew got $150,000 for one performance during the NFL Super Bowl weekend in Houston, Texas.   This means the ultimate net worth of the band will rocket upwards in 2017.

Migos cartoon artwork
Migos cartoon artwork

A lot of great things for the band, only taking losses on bets.  The band did take one “L” this week.  Offset confirmed he lost $50,000 betting against friends on the Superbowl.  The ‘Bad and Boujee’ feature rapper lost $50,000 over the Falcons fumbling of the game to the Patriots.

Lesson of the day?  Something everyone should know in life, when you are not a multi-millionaire is simply bet on what you can control. In situations where money is at stake, only put money on yourself if you are 100% sure you will win.

Migos are signed to QCM, Quality Control Music.   The label has a partnership with Lyor Cohen and his 3000 Management brand.   They have a net worth of $4.3 million dollars according to The Huffington Post.  Most of the money was earned last year in 2016.


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