Model Erica Mena Has Brains, Gives Great Advice About Priorities & Clothing

Erica Mena poses in Posh top (by V Boutique),  Hot Miami Styles pants, and Simmi heels
Erica Mena poses in Posh top (by V Boutique), Hot Miami Styles pants, and Simmi heels

Model and tv personality Erica Mena is known for her perfectly curvy figure, smooth skin, and beautiful face. She has curly hair, full lips, and a bit of a forehead but it’s under control [she reads PHH, so that’s just a friendly jab].   These wonderful aesthetic have brought her a career most females dream of.  However, with the good advice she has given followers over time [algunas cosas], maybe it’s time fans indulged more into her mental ability as well.  Yesterday the Puerto-Dominicana model gave users a quick line that could change lives if absorbed and used.

“I give my son the very best 💯 Then I go treat myself. Fit- pants @poshbyv top @hotmiamistyles shoes @simmishoes ( Simple rules > Look like a milli but you only spent a 💯 on a fit) I got a son who got big dreams & college 🙏🏽 BTW 🙈 This is just a post for me- I’m jus saluting my real hustler bible💋” she wrote on a new promotional photo, which she models a trendy fashion brand.

Erica Mena swimsuit photo
Erica Mena swimsuit photo

In laymans’ Mena tells fans to look like you spent one-million-dollars but spend far less.  Less than $100 to be exact.  Erica’s purposely cutting down on spending habits to put her child first.  She is sacrificing her own desires for luxury brands to prepare for her family’s future.

A salute to her ‘hustler’s bible,’ the quote sounds like the ideal woman.

However, does this mean her husband or boyfriend would not have to spend a ton as well?   That is the real million-dollar question!

Follow Erica on intagram @IAmErica_Mena.

The clothing being worn by Erica include a POSH by V Boutique topHot Miami Styles bottoms ,and Simmi London Shoes.


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