Nicki Minaj Beware, Trey Songz & Meek Mill In Studio Making A Song

Meek Mill and Trey Songz in studio together after Nicki Minaj dissed Trigga
Meek Mill and Trey Songz in studio together after Nicki Minaj dissed Trigga

Nicki Minaj better be careful of all the toes she’s stepping on in the industry. She’s left a trail of disgruntled associates in her past and it seems like the stars are aligning against her.   After the shETHER diss and her attacking Trey Songz via social media, it looks like the R&B crooner has linked up with her ex.    Meek Mill and Trigga were in the studio together yesterday after the ‘shots fired’ by Nick.

Meek Mill shared a photo of the studio session via instagram.

“Best of both worlds basically ? @treysongz a lot of money made last night!” he captioned the picture.

The smiley face emoji is what makes the picture more threatening.  Such an image from Meek usually means he’s plotting something.  With his reaction to the shETHER song basically being a perceived dart at his ex-girlfriend, Minaj, this could be a blow he’s looking to deliver.

Would Meek really do that?

It would not be expected that the Philadelphia rapper make a diss song.  However, a song with his story of the entire relationship’s highs, lows, and woes could easily be plotted with a smooth R&B hook.

Trey Songz avoids beef with music but with Minaj’s brash reaction towards him, it may just bring the St Peterburg singer back to his ‘inner city’ roots aka bring the hood out him.

Stay tuned to Meek (@meekmill) & Tremaine’s (@treysongz) instagrams to see what goes down.


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