Nicki Minaj Tries To Stop Remy Ma′s Money, Black Balling Instead of Replying To shETHER

Remy Ma and Fat Joe on Plato o Plomo promo run
Remy Ma and Fat Joe on Plato o Plomo promo run

Oh boy, it looks like Nicki Minaj is not going to give Hip Hop culture what they want.   While there has been nearly 30 years of rap artists dissing and replies, she appears not able to create a ‘Monster’ verse in the clutch in the face of shETHER.  Instead, Remy Ma claims the Pink Barbie is talking to industry friends to try and mess up Rem’s money.

“Calls. Trying to f–k with my f–king bag. It’s Corny Ma.  Never” says Rem in a music video talking to or about an unidentified source alerting her to industry plays being made to black ball her.  The Bronx emcee continues speaking though, seemingly unphased.

“Never going to see it, I’m a hustler.”

What moves were made to stop Remy’s money is not clear however.  It’s possible Nicki Minaj could be reaching out to promoters and press sources to stop giving the ‘ShETHER’ bomb creator attention.   Also Nick’ could try power plays like denying appearance opportunities for her more profitable audiences to promoters and companies that associate with Remy.

The ‘Black Balling’ game has long been a factor in Hip Hop culture.  It’s also spun back to slap some of the people who tried it, in the face.  A prime example would be Murder Inc’s attempt to Black Ball rap legend 50 Cent.  It created an energy in the industry that completed shifted into Fif’s favor once the streets picked up on his music.

More details as this story continues to evolve.  These two may really have to fight, unlike the prank story that went viral this week claiming the two fought in Trinidad at Carnivale 2017.

Play the video of Remy talking about the situation below. Courtesy of TheShadeRoom.


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