OVO Sound Radio Postponed

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OVO Sound Radio is one of the most popular broadcasts due to it being the place where artists that are signed under the OVO label typically see their music first displayed. The broadcast was set for this Saturday, as usual, but has since then been postponed. This is worrisome to people who were looking forward to the broadcast but it might just be worth it.

It has been announced that the next broadcast of OVO Sound Radio will in fact be a very special episode. Now this is just speculation but many fans believe the next installment of the series will come with the release of Drake’s anticipated follow up to Views, More Life. This behavior of removing the release date for the next episode is common and was seen before when Drake’s last album was released.

Of course, we’re all anxious and ready to see what Drake has planned next but there has never been a set schedule for the broadcast. The next episode could very well come sometime next month or even next year for that matter. Fans are speculating that the show has only been postponed for a week or two at most, and that the initial release date was a mistake.

Drake is undeniably one of the most, if not the most, popular hip hop artist in the world right now and it’s obvious that everyone is watching his every public move. No one was expecting Drake to dominate the charts with Hotline Bling or One Dance but he did it and will likely do it again. OVO Sound Radio is a staple on many people’s streaming devices and everyone can’t wait for whatever the episode has in store for us next.


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