OVO vs MMG: Rick Ross Stole "Trap" Song From Drake′s New Rap Artist, Smoke Dawg, Payback For Meek Mill

Rick Ross and Drake on the "Aston Martin" music video set, before OVO and MMG beef began
Rick Ross and Drake on the “Aston Martin” music video set, before OVO and MMG beef began

Did you hear Rick Ross’ new single ‘Trap Trap Trap’ yet?  It features Young Thug and interestingly enough, anti-trap lifestyle rapper Wale.    The tune’s so catchy, you may have felt you heard it before and PHH knows why you get that vibe.   The song seems to be a rip-off of a hit single “Trap House” [ watch music video here ] from Drake’s new artist, Smoke Dawg.

Why would Rick Ross rip off a fairly new artist?

Rozay has just fired shots at Nicki Minaj and Birdman.  With Drake taking aim at his artist, Meek Mill, the OVO vs Maybach Music beef may be ignited but in a different way.    This is bigger than just a diss record as Rozay’s doing what Drake does to other new artists, stealing a new rapper’s song and using his larger platform to ‘own it.’

In layman’s terms, perhaps Rick Ross is making a sly play to take money from Drake, since Drake injured Rozay’s brightest pupil’s career.  Meek Mill losing millions means the Maybach Music Group’s boss also loses money.  He’s flipped the script on Drizzy, using his own move against him.  Something like mental judo.

Meek mill looks away as Drake shakes his hand
Meek mill looks away as Drake shakes his hand

When did Drake bite like this?

Remember “Hotline Bling” was a huge hit but the song was widely known to have been taken from Virginia newcomer D.R.A.M. and his tune “I like to Cha Cha.” Also, how about a few weeks ago with the new Florida sensation XXXTentacion called out Drizzy for stealing from him?  And lets not forget Drake took Big Sean’s Supa-Dupa-Flow nearly 10-years-ago. Drake even took the dance moves and slang of Ethiopian-Canadian rapper ‘Mo G,’ for Hotline Bling’s video. When Mo G spoke up about the situation, Drizzy’s SAFE goons beat him up.

When it comes to taking something and making it his,  the Drakester is the Don of Dons because people have barely even paid attention to the list of his song-bites.

Back to the beef, it will be interesting to see how Drake counters on this tactic. The average Hip Hop fan will sleep on this but it’s becoming more and more clear, Rozay is getting engaged in this battle Mill started.

Also keep in mind Meek Mill just posted a cryptic message saying Rozay not to trust you, which many think was aimed at Nicki Mina [story here].


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