Peter Gunz Says Rikers Island Has More People With Aids Than NYC

Peter Gunz talks about selling Guns and HIV on Rikers Island in NYC

1990’s Hip-Hop icon and L&HH reality TV show star Peter Gunz sat down with DJ Vlad.   In an interview discussing everything from his past life in the streets to lingering effects of Chi Ali’s murder case, the hardest hitters were about health.  Gunz shared devastating statistics of what can happen to people that end up serving time on Rikers’ Island in new York City.

“There’s a 30% chance you gonna get cut on Riker’s Island. That’s the statistic” says Peter.

He continued, “There’s more HIV cases on the Riker’s island than the whole New York City”

In the 9 minute segment he reaches into many topics with DJ Vlad.   Another surprising fact during this conversation is how Peter Gunz got his rap name. According to the Bronx, Uptown rapper, his name is real. Not just a nickname, he was part of a group selling illegal firearms (Guns) in the streets of NYC.

Watch the full interview with VladTV below. Enjoy a popular throwback photo of the Hip Hop star in his youth above.


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