Remy Ma Drops Scathing ‘ShETHER’ Nicki Minaj Diss Song, Raps Over Nas’ Ether

It looks like Ms Pink Friday poked at the wrong sleeping giant.  After getting dissed in a few bars by Nick, the Bronx bomber who was just freed from prisn after shooting another chick, is awoke and firing off lyrical lines with the punch of God.   Today released the official Nicki Minaj diss from Remy Ma, “shETHER.”

The scathing single uses the instrumental of Nas rap battle classic, Ether.   What is craziest however, perhaps Rem’ outdid Nasir on this new diss track. The amount of damning statements within the verse, which are presumed true until proven otherwise, is earth shattering to Nicki Minaj.

Remy Ma
Remy Ma in black polka dot shirt with striped pants

Several claims are made against Nick in the single. The top 5 disses:
1) Sniffs cocaine
2) Was an industry hoe
(slept with: Trey Songz, eBro of Hot97, Drake, Lil Wayne, and more)
3) Can’t make a hit record without ex-boyfriend Safaree
4) Doesn’t have as much money as claimed because Republic, Young Money, Cash Money, Producers, and Writer Safaree get a cut
5) Butt injections & supporting her pedophile brother [tie for 5]

A super hyduken falcon punch to the gut of Nicki Minaj, Remy Ma absolutely spazzed on the “ShETHER” track.   Twitter, Facebook, blogs, New York radio, and other social media outlets are going nuts over the single.   Celebrities are soon to chime in surely.

Stay tuned to Popular Hip Hop for responses.


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