Soulja Boy Drops New Song Dissing Quavo, Flashes Draco Gun

Soulja Boy Dancing with Draco Gun on Blood Gang colored Lamborghini
Soulja Boy Dancing with Draco Gun on Blood Gang colored Lamborghini

Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em is turning up on everyone in 2016.  He has been hanging around some street counterparts which may be what lead him to beefing with Rico Recklezz.   Now he’s going after Atlanta Hip-Hop star “Quavo” of the Migos trio.  He’s released a new diss song aimed at his one-time friend, screaming he will pull up with a Draco (automatic gun) on Migos block.

What’s this beef out?  Soulja Boy raps the only explanation he can see. The Batesville, AL to Atlanta to Los Angles rapper spits “Quavo say he want some beef wit’ me….. / I guess you  mad I f**ked Lil Yatchty’s girlfriend, he ain’t never met before.”

It’s not over with that.    It’s official the other 2 Migos are included in the beef if they stand aside Quavo.  ‘Fu*k Quavo , Fu*k Migos / Pull on your block with the Draco.”

It’s not likely the Migos will respond but it’s an entertaining song for the internet. It’s Popular enough to gain a few million views on WSHH’s YouTube channel.    Whether or not a fight or shooting follow up, as in rap it usually stays on wax as of 2016, Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em promises what he would do to Quavo.

He details in the diss song, “I’ll knock out his teeth /I ‘ll blow to the Northside [of Atlanta], shoot with the .223 / Migos ain’t sh*t to me.”

Listen to the diss record below on Popular Hip Hop and leave your thoughts in the comments. Soulja Boy going to make it to 2017 you think?


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