The Weeknd Co-Signs 6lack & Brings Him To Toronto

6lack and The Weeknd on stage during Los Angeles concert
6lack and The Weeknd on stage during Los Angeles concert

Who’s the hype in the music industry right now?  There are a few names buzzing but none more than Atlanta Hip-Hop/R&B star 6lack.  His singles are internet gold right now, doing 1 million plays across several channels.  His legend is growing further now as mainstream artist “The Weeknd” is even a fan of the newcomer’s music, co-signing him at a recent show.

“Poppin’ up somewhere in LA tonight ⚡” wrote The Weeknd on twitter.

Fans from within the area were immediately following up with the reply question, ‘where?’ to get a ticket.

It turned out to be at the “Prblms” rappers’ show.  The Weeknd co-signed 6lack and also performed his own platinum single, “Starboy.”  He followed it up with a 2nd single, “Reminder.”

Why this happened and what’s going on is not clear.   Since that January 25th show, 6lack has been in Toronto , getting to know the city.  On top of that, TW has been sharing photos with his fans to familiarize them with fellow Toronto native Nav and the ATL star, who’s name is an alternate way to view the word ‘black.’

Footage of the actual performance in Los Angeles can be viewed on HotNewHipHop or the rapdirect twitter [here].

Watch the official 6black “Problems” video on PopularHipHop.


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