Tyga’s New Year 2017 Starts With New Haircut

Tyga and his new January 2017 haircut
Tyga and his new January 2017 haircut

Rapper Tyga is starting of the new year with a new vibe.   It is not the sonic vibe that’s being changed for 2017 either.  Instead it is of his image.  Tyga got a new haircut to begin this year and it’s drastic.

“B**ch its T -Raww Blood” he wrote on instagram along with his debut photo

The response from fans is definitely of comedy.   Comments range from ‘wtf is that’ to more professional perspectives, ‘lines are too thick and sloppy.’

What made the Cali-rapper change up his style is unknown but it was definitely a bold move.   The look is somewhat like the cut Kanye West did half a decade ago.  An instant grab of attention, but the execution seems to get a lesser response because of visual quality.

How much did Tyga pay for this barbor shop special ?

The price is unknown.  However, Kanye paid around $500 for his cuts before.  If the “Hookah” rapper paid anything near the same, it would be interesting to know.  The media attention he gained to start 2017 surely had to be worth over $1000.    Perhaps he paid his barber near that publicity value.


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