Ugly God Denies Girls Who Want Booty Ate Like Groceries

Ugly God in Luigi L Hat
Ugly God in Luigi ‘L’ Cap

Ugly God is back in the headlines. The viral “Water” rapper sat down with DJ Vlad for a fast interview about some of his personal fetishes. Though the conversation did not start off in that direction, as soon as Vlad mentioned Titties, the interview turned into the full direction of Ugly’s personal life. Though only a 6 minute and 15 seconds clip, quite a few topics were explored including how the UG won’t eat women’s anus.

“You got sh*t around [in your] a$$,” says the southern rapper of eating the booty like groceries. He further stands on his position, clarifying that “Never ate a$$ and I [Ugly God] won’t.”

DJ Vlad pressed the issue, looking to give viewers something juicy but Ugly wouldn’t budge. He continued denial of eating butt cheeks saying “They said I would smoke too when I was 14…. but i still don’t smoke.”

Beyond not eating anus like groceries from Super Walmart or Piggly Wiggly, there were other interesting facts about Houston dripper’s sex life as well. The viral Hip Hop star apparently doesn’t like his baby born instinct of sucking on nipples either.

“I dont suck titties bro,” said the rapper, real name Royce Davison. The 21 years old emcee elaborated on this as well, saying “I don’t… I did that when I was a baby but I don’t.”

Watch the full Vlad x Ugly God interview below on Popular Hip Hop. Is this generation getting strange or what? Sound off in comments below.



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