Ugly God Unveils "Soundcloud Go Car," A 70′s Old School Ride Turned Promo Whip

Ugly God with 70's Soundcloud Go Car [ Possibly a Chevrolet aka Chevy ]
Ugly God with 70’s Soundcloud Go Car [ Possibly a Chevrolet aka Chevy ]

It is not clear if the viral “Water” rapper is going HAM with promotions, but it would appear that way.  Rapper Ugly God posted an Instagram picture with what may be his, “Soundcloud Go” car.  A vehicle themed after Soundcloud’s original website colors and of course, showcases the logo.

He captioned the photo of himself with the streaming service themed ride, “Lizard on my nose. Blizzard on yo toes. Enjoy. ❤”

What was meant by that caption?  Well Ugly God has an infamously famous picture of himself with a Lizard literally hanging from his nose.   Blizzard on yo toes  may reference to him eating feet with ice in his mouth or just be a random line, for no reason.  It’s an LOL worthy phrase either way.

The car that Ugly God has in his picture is an old school ride. At first glance it looks to be something like a 1970’s decde Chevrolet of some sort but without an expert eye, there is no way to confirm.

Regardless, fans reacted promptly to the post.  UG racked up nearly 52k likes in under 10 hours along with a side of 490 comments.  A few comments allude to the idea the car is not Ugly’s whip as he has a Ford Explorer.


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