Viral: Sahbabii "Pull Up Wit Da Stick" feat. Loso Loaded

Sahbabii "Pull up Wit Da Stick" feat. Loso Loaded
Sahbabii “Pull up Wit Da Stick” feat. Loso Loaded

Popular Hip Hop is what’s lit to the young audience of today.  From Atlanta-GA, many of the new sounds are what’s hip to teenagers of Urban society.  Beyond the Ayo & Teo “Rolex” single buzzing this week, there is also another wave on the rise like a tsunami.    The streets are talking about 9th Ward’s new prodigy, Sahbabii.   His single “Pull Up Wit Da Stick”  or in layman’s proper english “Pull Up Wit Da Stick,” has social media stars and radio spinning his record rampid in January 2017.

While the hook is a melody each to catch and have fun, the single PUWDS is all but that.  Featuring Loaded Loso, the new track’s hard at the core but sweet on the outside.  Twitter handle “SahSahBitch,” the young Atlanta rapper spits verses all about the streets.   This single is all about doing whatever to have your respect and be a soldier in the world, up against whoever.

New Atlanta Rapper, Sahbabii
New Atlanta Rapper, Sahbabii

“Pull up with a stick, let it hit” he repeats on the hook.  The street slang means you literally arrive to the sight of your enemy with an Ak47 or similarly built automatic weapon.

While it is a brutal thought, the rapper’s not saying he wants to kill. Instead he’s warning others that if you start it, he will come and finish it, with heavy artillery.     On top of that, he screams he’s got ‘mob ties’ and down with “Slaughter sh*t.”   These two things allude to his ties to the blood gang of 9th ward ATL, which is also connected to rappers 21 Savage, Future, and more.

The single “Pull Up Wit Da Stick” has over 461,000 plays on Sahbabii’s official Soundcloud today.   On Youtube, there is an additional 758,837 plays, on the official audio visual.


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