Viral Singer Daniel Caesar Announces Song "Get You" Reached 10 Million Streams On Apple Music

Fan Photo of Daniel Caesar in "Get You" music video
Fan Photo of Daniel Caesar in “Get You” music video

It has been a while since Bryson Tiller dropped and made people excited about the new R&B music.   Hip Hop has dominated the Urban music scene for over a decade now and few have been able to make true ‘song’ rise above the rap counterparts, without features.   It looks like that ‘Tiller effect’ might be on the way again. Maybe the next big thing, soul singer Daniel Caesar announced his “Get You” single has reached 1- million streams on Apple Music and he is still spreading viral.

“‘Get You’ at 10 million streams & counting on @applemusic, thank you,” wrote DC to fans on Instagram.

He uploaded a photo from the music video to share with fans, along with the notice of thanks.   Over 7100 likes and 149 comments were given to the upload since his posting it 3 days ago.

Daniel Caesar plays music on American Flag Themed Baldwin Piano
Daniel Caesar plays music on American Flag Themed Baldwin Piano

Apparently friends see the singer’s Dreams are coming true and believe in his talent well.  Still transitioning into viral stardom, one ‘amigo’ of the Toronto singer reminded him they always believed.

“Ummmm all I’m sayin is don’t forget about us small folk as you become more and more popular,” wrote IG user and friend of Daniel, @Tianamia123.

Others who are new to the singer wrote comments that range from ‘congratulations’ to how they were so impressed by the “Get You” single they bought more music from his catalog as well. has predicted Caesar will be ‘next up’ since October 2016.  Perhaps the music charts review was correct.


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