Wood Harris Says Cam’ron Punched & Busted Lip of Paid in Full Actor

Cam'ron and Wood Harris on Paid In Full Movie Set
Cam’ron and Wood Harris on Paid In Full Movie Set

Wood Harris, the highly acclaimed Black actor and rapper, spoke with The Breakfast Club for an hour about his career and unknown facts.   While DJ Envy and Angela Yee seemed more laid back about the interview, Charlamagne the God ‘went in,’ digging out facts on rappers that have been in projects with the Chicago star.   Admitting things about his experiences with Tupac, nothing was as shocking as what he said about another rapper from New York.  According to Harris, many fans of movie Paid In Full do not know, Cam’ron really punched an actor in one scene about Uptown NYC’s most notorious dealers of the 1980’s era.

“Cam was really dope… A real actor” said Harris on Cam’ron taking his job seriously for the PIF movie.

He continues for a few minutes elaborating on how the former Harlem Diplomat did proper work as an actor should.  Cam researched the Harlem drug kingpin “Alpo” and watched videos to understand his role.  He even went to prison to talk to the incarcerated dealer to get a feel for his character  and energy in person.  He also watched what Harris and Mekhi Phifer did closely.

“What was the Cam’ron story” questions Charlamagne The God during the interview as WH gets deep into conversation.

“There’s a scene in the Paid in Full movie where this guy drives up and he’s like ‘Yo what’s up? It’s dry out there. Your man ain’t got nothing?'” raps Harris on the epic evnt.  “[You see Cam’ walk up to him] Now the script says, he supposed to just walk up to him and punch him.”

Animating his voice a bit, he continues, “Cam’ron…really punches him for real. Cam’ron snatches him out the car, it’s not in the script. This dude had a real busted lip, ya heard me! Snatches him out the car, whole body hitting everything, every step.  Slammed him on the ground, really stealing on him.”

Wood Harris continues elaborating on the story of how Cam’ron took the character to new heights by embodying the Alpo character.

The director of the film for Paid In Full called the 1-take scene, the best part from the movie because it was such a perfect improvision by the Harlem rapper.

Watch the full interview (click here), beginning at 48:00 to get the full story on Cam’s acting in PIF.   Re-watching the film today, it will have new value as the scene is viewed thanks to the Chicago actor’s insight.


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