WorldStarHipHop Founder "Q" Died of Heart Attack, Dead At Age 43

Lee "Q" O'denat, WSHH Founder, Dead at Age 43
Lee “Q” O’denat, WSHH Founder, Dead at Age 43

Big news for the rap blog world today.  The founder of the largest Urban content website in the universe, passed of a heart attack.  Lee “Q” O’Denat, founder of WorldStarHipHop was found dead of a heart attack Monday, January 23rd.  He was age 43 at the time of his decease.

What caused the heart attack?

An autopsy is being performed but there are many rumors surfacing.  “Q” lived a very flamboyant lifestyle that included promiscuous women and surrounding himself with celebrities who are known for using drugs.  However, others are speculating it was simply the fact O’Denat was obesely overweight.

Real name “Lee,” the internet pioneer got his first start behind 50 Cent and the G-Unit.  He was a driving force behind the internet distribution of the gangster rap crew’s early mixtapes.   That bond would be ruptured later however as Q decided to stand behind supporting one of Fitty’s biggest rivals, Rick Ross, with the WSHH brand.  During the ‘beef’ period the website was utilizing 50 Cent’s image on the website to obtain brand familiarity and comfort with visitors.

Worldstar was founded in 2005.  It was shortly after this time O’Denat was fired from him job and forced to focus on the website prematurely, even while living on the streets occasionally according to a 2010 interview.

On the blog star’s instagram, his comments allude to possible mental stress. His latest posts seem to all be about finding peace, motivation, and separating himself from fake surroundings.  However, it’s not confirmed if he operated this page himself.

Additional news will be given from an autopsy Wednesday.


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