Young Dolph Car Shot 100+ Times, Still Performs Yo Gotti Diss Song Same Night

Memphis Rapper Young Dolph sits on his Bentley Luxry Car [ 2017 ]
Memphis Rapper Young Dolph sits on his Bentley Luxry Car [ 2017 ]
Rapper Young Dolph isn’t lucky to be alive, he was just prepared for people trying to kill him.  When playing in the street life, you know the risks are high and he proved his intelligence tonight.  The Memphis rapper survived 100+ gunshots fired at his Bulletproofed travel car (SUV) and went on to perform his Yo Gotti diss song the same night.

One person recorded aftermath of the shooting of Young Dolph’s black SUV and recounted the incident in a video (see below).

“This what happened,” he starts off. “The truck came from right here.  Pulled up [front of Dolph’s car] and slammed on brakes like a f–kin movie bruh.”

Interrupted by a friend intrigued by the shooting, the witness continues.

Photo of Young Dolph's Bullet Riddled Travel Car
Photo of Young Dolph’s Bullet Riddled Travel Car

“They hopped out with a chopper [ slang for AK-47 automatic rifle or long automatic rifle ] and started to chop with it.   But it was a bulletproof ve… vehicle.”

Indeed sounding like a scene from a movie, this is the rapper Young Dolph’s real life in the last 48 hours. The shooting took place in Charlotte, North Carolina not far from the Epicenter of downtown.   The reason for the shooting is unknown but his beef with fellow Memphis rapper Yo Gotti and his CMG label roster are being thrust into the spotlight for the possible suspects.

After the shooting, Young Dolph did not leave Charlotte nor hide.  Instead the rapper went on to the venue in Charlotte, North Carolina he was scheduled to perform for CIAA weekend.   Without a drop of fear in his blood, the rapper hit the stage to perform his Yo Gotti diss song, “Play Wit’ Yo B-tch” [ listen here ]. The crowd was super hyped and chanted all the words to the beef track.

It’s unclear what all the madness is about but lots of updates are sure to break shortly. Stay tuned to PopularHipHop for details.  Watch the video of the post-shooting performance at CIAA weekend in Charlotte: click here.


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