Young Money′s Parent Label Gets Remy Ma #ShETHER Banned From Radio & Soundcloud

Remy Ma reacts to Nicki Minaj & Universal getting Shether Banned from Radio & Internet
Remy Ma reacts to Nicki Minaj & Universal getting Shether Banned from Radio & Internet

It looks like Remy Ma’s talk about getting ShETHER blackballed from the media and clubs may not have been so false after all.  It appears Nicki Minaj, Young Money, and Universal music have ganged together to get Hip Hop diss record of the year, ShETHER, pulled from everything.  Cease and Decists were sent out to Soundcloud, radio stations, iTunes, Remy, and even concert venues.


The ShETHER instrumental appears to be owned by Universal, not just Nas.   While the Queens MC and rap legend has said he approved of the ‘ShETHER’ tune, professing it good for Hip Hop, he alone cannot give it the ok apparently.

Remy Ma’s diss track made it to #2 on billboard, but has been pulled since the C&D letters were sent out.   All profits from the record are likely to be garnished by Universal.   Sites like Youtube, Soundcloud, and iTunes all took the track down.  Also radio stations have stopped playing the record, along with claiming Remy can’t perform the song live.

Remy’s not too stressed apparently. She reacted to all the legal attacks on instagram.

“Are you dumb?🤔 😂😜😂😜 #RemyMa #RemyMafia #Barz #PlataOPlomo ” wrote Remy Ma yesterday .   The quote is a take from the ShETHER record.

The interesting part of this, Universal gives out YouTubers and social media celebs rights to use certain instrumentals for ‘cover’ performances and creation of new material.   If Remy Ma used the song, finding it in their catalog of music available, there’s a bigger conspiracy here.   That would mean that the label’s trying to save Nicki Minaj’s career from taking a fall.

After the internet-wide removal, Remy Ma took to YouTube to re-upload the song.   It can be played here on Popular Hip Hop below.


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