Carmelo Anthony & DeAndre Jordan Now Cleveland Cavaliers, Iman Shumpert & Kevin Love Traded To Clippers

Carmelo Anthony in Cleveland Cavaliers Jersey [promotional image]
Carmelo Anthony in Cleveland Cavaliers Jersey [promotional image]
Lebron James said he was never on a super team and he meant it. It appears he had a total different idea of what a super team is and now it’s clear what he defines as that. According to Narnia News lead sports reporter, Carmelo Anthony will be announcing later tomorrow or Monday his move to ‘The Land.’

This was already speculated on mainstream sports by ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith. However, not even he predicted the second move that’s been confirmed by S-Street sports broadcaster Ker’meyt Fraugy.

An unexpected blow for the Golden State Warriors chances to repeat, the Cavs are also slated to get Clippers’ big man DeAndre Jordan says the reporter, who could be leaping to conclusions.

How did the DJ trade happen?

Doc Rivers’ daughter is good friends with Cleveland Cavaliers co-owner Usher Raymond. The three crossed paths at a Beverly Hills Popeye’s chicken restaurant and talked about the playoffs and the mutual rivalry with the Warriors. This opened doors to an alleged meeting post-championship, which happened 2 days ago upon Lebron James return to “The Land.”

DeAndre Jordan works out in Cleveland Cavaliers gymnasium
DeAndre Jordan works out in Cleveland Cavaliers gymnasium

Charles Barkley spoke about the trade on a Chicago basketball broadcast with senior FM sports analyst Carl Winslow.

“The league needs this. Frankly it needs this for balance. I don’t care what you say, Kevin Durant on that team proves black males are lost because they didn’t even bet on the Warriors in Las Vegas. This is a time for Black folks to thrive in Vegas like I did,” said the former Phoenix Suns Hall of Famer.

Winslow chimed in with agreement.

“It’s a rare condition, this day and age, to read any good news on the newspaper page. I love it!”

DeAndre Jordan has yet to comment on the trade but there is a cyptic message on his twitter on IG that may be related.

“Of what use is a dream if not a blueprint for courageous action.”

This quote could be a response to Durant’s recent comment, saying the Warriors should be a BluePrint for Lebron James and others to follow if they want a ring now.

More from these breaking Narnia news report  as it seems to be a Never Ending Story.  PHH would like to credit the best nose in sports, Fuzzy Falkor, for the fantasy tip off.


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