Chris Brown Donates $1 Million To Build Ike Turner Statue In Mississippi

Chris Brown Shows Female Fans His Fist
Chris Brown Shows Female Fans His Fist

When people say Chris Brown has a heart of ‘stone,’ they may just be right.  The R&B singer is alleged to have proven his love for two things this week.    One of those being actual cement stone sculptures (art) and Rock N’ Roll’s first woman-beater, Ike Turner.

For those who are not aware, the man famous for the line ‘Aww now, just eat the Cake Anna Mae,’ is getting a statue built in his honor.   It’s being put up in the hometown of Tina Turner’s ex-husband – Clarksdale, Mississippi.

The project came to a halt however when funding was found to be surprisingly short of cash.  Allegedly Philip and Vivian Banks, the couple in charge of the statue’s design, got into an argument over cheating rumors and split ways leaving a sum of cash missing as well.   Mr. Banks was said to be seen with another woman, of Dark complexion, who had the same name.

After the project came to a halt, a new company was hired, “Winslow Designs Inc.”   Head of the company, Carl Winslow, announced he would launch a GoFundMe campaign and reach out to fans for funding.  The idea was a success because of one large, $1 million dollar donation Wednesday night.

Chris Brown Smokes Marijuana With His Best Friend, Pookie
Chris Brown Smokes Marijuana With His Best Friend, Pookie

“I understand why you  did what you did OG. Grass Aint Greener On the Other Side.  BIP.” reads the comment on the GoFundMe page with a staggering sum of $1MM donated.  The name under the donator’s comment, Chris Brown.

While there are other people in the world with the same name, there are not many with funding to make such a donation according to Narnia Report financial analysts. The chances of it being someone else are 1 in 1 billion.

Also, the comment ‘BIP’ is a known Blood gang term, which Brown is also affiliated.   On top of that, Breezy also has a song that contains the lyrics ‘Grass Ain’t Greener On The Other Side.’ The message of the song basically telling women, it gets no better than with his abusive ways.

This donation would come at an awkward time considering Karrueche Tran just completed a restraining order [ read here ] on Brown claiming he’s still a woman-abuser with violent ways.   The model an actress was crying in the courthouse allegedly as she stated issues her hidden relationship issues  with the pop singer.

Chris also recently put out a deranged cryptic message, which some thing was to Karrueche, in a video [watch video here] saying if he loves a woman he would essentially stalk her and stop anyone else from seeing her.  This could explain his fighting with Drake over Rihanna years ago, as it fits the ‘shoe’ he is speaking on.

None the less, women keep loving Chris.  Many women joke saying they would take an azz whooping to be his girlfriend on instagram almost daily.  New website ‘’  was launched by the ex-boyfriend of a female caught commenting one of Brown’s pictures with such mental retardation-linked thoughts.
No posts have been made to Brown’s instagram page yet confirming or denying the donation.   This is a PopularHipHop prank stories exclusive.

Chris Brown Stands With 2 Goons That Got Karrueche Tran Shook
Chris Brown Stands With 2 Goons That Got Karrueche Tran Shook


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