Groupie Banned From Warriors Arena For Lewd Gestures Made At Stephen Curry, Almost Fights Wife

Alleged Groupie Making Lewd Gestures At Stephen Curry During Game
Alleged Groupie Making Lewd Gestures At Stephen Curry During Game

A woman has went viral on the web after an infamous photo was snapped of her for making inappropriate gestures towards Stephen Curry at a Warriors game this week.   Though the young woman had a drink in-hand, she appeared to be eyeing the 3-Point Sharpshooter as if her thirst was inquenchable. A long distance photographer accidentally snapped the moment and now that photo has went viral.   Though no video has been released yet, it’s also rumored the woman is now banned from the Warriors Oracle Arena for other lewd gestures she made.

“I took the photo of Stephen Curry not noticing her at first. However, it was clear to everyone what was going on by his next free throws. She was making the ‘champ’ blush.  She kept doing this movement with her head like a turkey gobbling while yawning,” said photographer Hank Gathers.

Another photographer, Bo Kimble, had more stern words about it.  “She was being a groupie and we need to kick women like her off of the floor seats.  That’s probably how Durant got injured, looking at some hot mess of a woman like this.”

Some reporters asked Warriors teammates about the woman’s inappropriate gestures during the game but none wanted to comment, excluding Draymond Green.

“Lets just say I’m not the only one checking for nuts in the game,” said Draymond to ESPEEIN sports network.

The woman, who’s name is not yet known, is rumored to be banned from the arena now.  This suspension was not from her ‘turkey necking while yawning’ motion but for the confrontation she caused with Steph Curry’s wife, Ayeesha.   It’s said after the game, the “groupie” was waiting on the sidelines yelling obscenities of what she would do for the NBA champion’s autograph.

After finally getting close enough to touch Stephen, that’s when the Mrs Curry lost her cool.  Narnia Chronicles’ sources say she swung at the woman immediately, missing only because her husband caught the hand.  However, the force of the swing left him with a little tension in the wrist which made the team’s GM act immediately.

It’s not clear if the ban is permanent or just a temporary suspension but NBA groupies are taking an L with their behind-courtside privileges in limbo.


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