Meek Mill Gave Nicki Minaj Socially Transmitted Disease, TRTE

Meek Mill sits with a pregnant Nicki Minaj in his lap
Meek Mill sits with a pregnant Nicki Minaj in his lap

Meek Mill cannot be spelled without the “L” and it seems he is the gift that keeps on giving to Nicki Minaj.  In a recent vocal chord testing that involved Nicki Minaj’s travel, it appears the Queens femcee will not be engaging in rap performances that requires strenuous runs of energy.  A representative for the rapper posted via social media, this is why she will not respond to the Remy Ma diss record ‘shETHER (listen here).’

Nicki Minaj contracted the socially transmitted disses, TRTE, from her last relationship [Meek Mill].   Until she feels better she will not be replying to Remy Ma nor others that demand she use energy in a reply,” wrote Lisa Simpsun.

While she did not clarify Meek Mill’s name it’s clear he was Minaj’s last relationship.

The disease “TRTE” is better known as Twitter Responses To Everything or ‘Twitter Fingaz,’ in Hip Hop culture.   Instead of finding the energy to go to the studio, just as her ex-boyfriend Meek Mill, the Queens rapper decided twitter and instagram profiles are a better way to respond to Hip Hop songs dissing them.

With seeing how that worked out for Meek, one might wonder why Nicki would try this but the extremity of the disease can be major. Sometimes rappers do not go outside for months, delete their social media pages randomly, and engage in other odd activity until the ‘beef’ is over.

TRTE is transmitted socially.   The first case of the disease was extracted by Dr Aubrey Graham, friend of Onika.

Share the story as $1 of every $100 made from this page will be donated to finding a cure and studio time funding for Hip Hop artists afraid to reply to diss records made about them.  Reach out with your sharing, help little Onika from the village of South Jamaica-New York and little Meek from the village of Philadelphia have a brighter future.

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