Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj Fight In Trinidad At Carnival 2017 Afterparty

Remy Ma's Bronx Gang Snatching Nicki MInaj hair to fight?
Remy Ma’s Bronx Gang Snatching Nicki MInaj hair to fight?

It looks like Fat Joe and Papoose did not do enough to keep tabs on Remy Ma if witness reports are true.  In case you missed instagram, the Bronx rapper who is ‘Conceited’ for a reason took a trip to Trinidad for Carnival 2017.  Nicki Minaj was also there and the two crossed paths with their crew of friends and family on deck. After some words sparked, bottles flew and the West Indian bat sh*t wild met Bronx crazy or in layman’s terms, there was a fight.

It was crazy.  All I heard was ‘she cut my buttocks open’ and I saw a woman running and something was oozing out her dress.. but it wasn’t blood,” said one witness in a live reporting of news on  Port Au Spain’s Narnia News channel 11.

She continued, “I did not know who it was until the DJ stopped the music and said ‘Nuff wid dis Wi way wiicked tonite I wahn Royal’s biskids e chikan nah.‘”

Other leaks have also been made across international social media sites like Twitfingrs and WhatsNaps, but nothing concrete.   Several people are indicating the woman stabbed is thought to be have been Nick.     Others say it was a associate of hers from a local strip club calls “Deep Thots.”

A video is being shopped around to popular websites. Above is the only photo we have of the fight and below another of someone exiting. Though it looks like it was shot on a Nokia POS1996 flip phone, the person selling is said to want $7 million TiTi (Trinidad currency) for the film. This total is about the price of a used single-wide trailor home down payment in American USD.

Remy Ma is said to have left the club immediately after the incident.  People identified her clearly from her New York style. The rapstress allegedly came to the ‘fresh air’ nightclub in  97 degree weather wearing a du rag, wheat timberlands,  and a Yankee fitted.

Is this Nicki Minaj running from a fight with Remy Ma?
Is this Nicki Minaj running from a fight with Remy Ma?

“I used to live in New York. I knew things were going to get real when I saw ‘Ma’ had on wheat timbs and the du rag. Every New Yorker knows what time it is when you see a Bronx n–ga wearing that in this kind of weather,” wrote one patron of the venue on Trinidadian social media application (and site) WhatsNaps.

Meek Mill already double tapped to like these photos above on instagram, along with leaving a thumbs up & smiley face comment (with tears falling).  Likely his payback after Nicki leaked the story about how he gave her socially transmitted disease TRTE [read here].

More details of the fight will be posted on as it arrives.

Sike!  It’s not April people but this was just joke news to spice up your night. What do you think would really happen if Remy Ma and Nicki Might had a fight? Share it to prank your friends and leave a comment below on your initial thoughts.  Hit the home page for 100% real Hip Hop news on the latest and past rap music stars.


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