Russell Westbrook Exits Contract With Thunder For Trade To Cavs, Vacations With Lebron

Russell Westbrook to be traded to Cleveland Cavaliers
Russell Westbrook to be traded to Cleveland Cavaliers

It’s official, according to New York’s Narnia Times chief sports editor and we got the scoop early. Russell Westbrook has used the Greg Oden-Benjamin Button exit clause in his NBA contract to opt out his deal with the Oklahoma City Thunder. After watching his former teammate Kevin Durant win the NBA finals last night, it appears the league MVP wants to 1-up his old friend and top rival it appears. Just today,  Russ’ name was seen on the landing schedule for a private jet hangar in Cleveland. It’s rumored he made his way to The Land to meet with Lebron James and JR Smith to start a vacation and talk about his future.

“Why Not?” reads the NBA star’s twitter today. It was updated immediately after the Warriors win.

Russell Westbrook being traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers would create an undeniable force to be reckoned with in the league. While Kyrie Irving plays well, he does not give the triple double Westbrook does every night. His dominance from the guard position is something unseen since Michael Jordan was in the league according to Charles Barkley.

“He wants to win Chuck and this is the only way with the Warriors team as they are. They signed a Top 3 player last year along with every former all-star available to free agency last year,” said Shaquille O’Neal last night of the Westbrook move to hang in Cleveland.

Lebron and Russell smell the roses, Plan to dominate NBA together
Lebron and Russell smell the roses, Plan to dominate NBA together

He continued debating with Barkley, “No team in history has had so many 1st round draft picks. Even the water boy was a former all-star.”

If Westbrook signs to the Cleveland Cavaliers, it means Kyrie Irving or Kevin Love will have to be dropped. His $85-million-dollar includes a payout of $28.5-million next season and $30.5-milion for the 2018-19 season (according to This would be the Cavs well over the league limit dropping a heavy luxury tax on the NBA team partially owned by Pop star Usher Raymond.

What’s your thoughts on the move?  Will this trade happen and who should the Cavaliers trade off?  Leave your ideas in a comment below here on PopularHiphop!  This story is meant to be humor but we all know the truth.  This is how it has to be.

Enjoy this video of Lebron James and R-Dub’s most vicious dunks below.


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