2 Chainz – Sleep When U Die

Motivation time for the fans of Hip Hop who need to be inspired. This week’s motivational music feature comes from the ‘Good A-town’ rap culture. Former Ludacris DTP member, once known as “Titi Boy” has released the official “Sleep When U Die” music video today.

“Look in my eyes, Look In my eyes / You can sleep when you die , sleep when you die” raps 2 Chainz on the hook.

A single all about how hard work beats talent, the street Atlanta rapper goes in the reasons to work hard along with rewards of the efforts. He brags about his multiple bank accounts, jewelry, and how his hard work gives him a position in rap to charge $100,000 USD for a feature.

2 Chainz stands on a Dubai rooftop for "Sleep When U Die" rap video
2 Chainz stands on a Dubai rooftop for “Sleep When U Die” rap video

This appears to be a rap freestyle perhaps, with a lot of nice punch lines.

“Tater (Potato) on the barrel of it / Make you n-ggas hate [french] fries” he wittily snaps in one line. On another shortly after, “Ain’t no discount / If I ain’t the 1, We got a miscount.”

Solid lines, this is something that fuses the new age of rap and what’s respected in the old school. It’s like Titi Boy and 2 Chainz in one. Perhaps he should change his name to “2 Titties” for 2018 and do more music like this.

watch the 2 Chainz “Sleep When U Die” music video above, here on Popular Hip Hop.


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