39 points, Kawhi Leonard Scores 3-Pointer & Blocks James Hardens To Win Game

If you did not see the NBA games on Monday, you missed a true historic night.  There were 6 tied games that needed clutch shots in the final seconds to determine the winner.  None of these games however were more impressive than the thriller between Texas rivals, San Antonio Spurs versus the Houston Rockets.   Kawhi Leonard and James Harden had 39 points each but ‘The Claw’ had the final say.

At the 30 second mark of the game, Houston had the advantage, leading the game 108-107.   The Spurs had the ball in the hands of Mr. Go-To, Kawhi Leonard.   A pick was set to free KL from the defense, a little space was created, and ‘The Claw’ tied the game with a 3-point shot nearly 1 foot behind the line.

The Rockets of course had a chance to come back. There was 25.4 seconds left and everyone was calm because ‘The Beard’ surely has an answer.  Harden inbound the ball, and makes it down court in 4 seconds.  Leaping in the air to lay the ball in at 21.1, half-a-second later at 20.8 ‘The Claw’ strikes again.  Leonard blocks Harden from behind,  then Spurs Center Lamar Aldridge blocks the Rocket’s rebounder Nene, and the game is over.  KL has the ball in his hands and carefully moves away from the defense.

The game is sealed.

Watch the full video of highlights above the story here on Popular Hip Hop. Watch only those final 2 clutch plays by Leonard below.

Kahwi Leonard blocks James Harden to win game
Kahwi Leonard blocks James Harden to win game



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