Actor Faizon Love Arrested, Beat Up Ohio Airport Employee Like He′s Big Worm

Remember the movie Friday and the gangster “Big Worm” with the perm? He ran down Ice Cube and Smokey, shooting at them because they could not pay him for the street pharmaceutical products he lent them?   Well, the actor behind that character seems to forget he is not acting anymore.  Faizon Love went nuts on an airport employee in Columbus-Ohio, whooping him like a child who stole something from his mother’s wallet.

“Got D-mn Faizon , Stop” cannot be heard, but it can be imagined, watching the security cam footage obtained of the event.

Though it’s not clear what started the fight [or just azz whooping because it’s that 1-sided], in the video it’s seen Faizon aggressively approaches the employee to discuss something.  Love walks away but just as he turns, the employee says something, causing the Friday actor to lose his cool.  He quickly grabs the man by the neck and slings him to the floor like an inflatable doll with floor-magnets.

Actor Faizon Love Slings Ohio Airport Employee Into Reception Desk
Actor Faizon Love Slings Ohio Airport Employee Into Reception Desk

After being tossed, the man is clearly confused on his location as he struggles to get up from the floor.  Though not clear what provoked more from Faizon, something does and he slings the man into the company reception desk.

It looks like a scene that’s fake or sponsored by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

After another shove to the floor, Faizon and the man are split up.  The other employees hold back the oversized actor, when their fellow employee begins throwing punches across their top.

Eventually all is broken up but it appears everyone in that area of the airport came to see what the commotion was about.

Video of the altercation was obtained by Columbus News Channel 4 (NBC4), WCMH-TV.  To watch the video, scroll to the top of page.  Faizon was arrested on assault charges for the event.  See that news report below.

*update* TMZ got extra footage of the fight . Apparently the security guy who rolled the wheelchair up , flipped out his cell phone to record.  Just made a few thousand from this video for sure.



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