Aspect Zavi′s Rolex Falls Off While Dancing, Hit Dem Folks Gone Wrong

It’s been some years since a rapper had their fake rolex exposed during a live media stream or broadcast. The last was Ace Hood at the BET Awards red carpet. The Florida rapper’s watch face fell off on live television.  It looks like the new version of that embarrassing moment has happened on instagram this time.  Dancer Aspect Zavi was dancing to a new song from Migos when he hit a spin of the wrists and his watch flew off, as if it had wings.

“Bad b-tch walking out” rapped Quavo as the watch, literally walked off.

It didn’t stop the young dancer from performing however. He continued without skipping a beat.  More importantly, he hit one of the smoothest foot spins a dancer can do, shortly after, making you forget the poorly crafted watch took flight.

Aspect Zavi's Watch Falls Off During Hit Dem Folks Dance Routine to Migos "Mission Impossible"
Aspect Zavi’s Watch Falls Off During Hit Dem Folks Dance Routine to Migos “Mission Impossible”

“Mission Impossible 👨🏽‍🚒 Did y’all see that spin ? That’s what I get for wearing 2 thick ass watches ⌚️” wrote Aspect Zavi about the watch flying.

Over 10k plays were made to the original video in under 5 hours.  The kid’s an impressive performer with a following that’s growing rapidly.  Watch the full video of Azpect Zavi as he Hit Dem Folks here on atop the article.


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