Can′t Stop The Bitcoin, 9-Minute Film Explaining the Cryptocurrency

Need an introduction to Bitcoin but not exactly a person who likes to read pages of details?   A video circulating the internet tentatively called “Nobody can stop the bitcoin,” from a Bill Gates quote, will give you information you need.

The 9 minute production features over 25 people speaking on Bitcoin, giving facts about the cryptocurrency.    One of the most interesting being Marshall Long, one of the early Bitcoin miners that used his computer to produce the self-stabilizing form of intangible money that is worth more than 1 oz of gold in a single ration.

Others included in the nine minute “Nobody can stop the bitcoin” compilation are radio host Dave Ramsey, talkshow host Max Keiser, Economist Garrick Hileman of London school of economics, and Roger Ver aka ‘Bitcoin Jesus.’

Speakers, Including Roger Ver, Talk About the Importance of Bitcoin
Speakers, Including Roger Ver, Talk About the Importance of Bitcoin

“Bitcoin is fundamentally different because in Bitcoin you don’t owe anyone anything and nobody owes you anything. It is not a system based on that. It is a system based on ownership and no one can censor it, no one can seize it, and no one can freeze it,” says one speaker on what the Bitcoin is.

The video even goes into who the founder of the BC is, Satoshi Nakamoto, and the time period that inspired his genius idea for a self-stabilized currency system.

Watch “Nobody Can Stop the Bitcoin” video above here on Popular Hip Hop and get your mind opened into the world of smart investments, now.


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