Dancer RichHomieKey Hit Dem Folks To C.KHiD "Me"

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If you are a fan of the very viral dance style of ‘Hit Dem Folks,’ here is a jewel for your day.   The instagram video alone did over 14k views in under 14 hours.  Instagram and Vine famous RichHomieKey Hit Dem Folks to C.KHiD “Me.”

“Ima Trust Me” wrote RHK for the caption to the instagram upload before giving details of the music and the usual hashtag party.

The dancer performs his Hit Dem Folks routine at what appears to be the parking lot of an industrial location. Dressed in a particularly spiffy hoodie, fans take notice of the wardrobe as well throughout comments.  Beginning with a quick ‘hit’ when the C.KHiD song’s beat drops, Key goes through a well mixed routine.  There’s bounces, reverses, the rapid fire punching, and even a Ryu Hydu’kin.

Dancer RichHomieKey Hit Dem Folks To Hip Hop Song C.KHiD "ME"
Dancer RichHomieKey Hit Dem Folks To Hip Hop Song C.KHiD “ME”

Rich Homie Key has has nearly 230,000 followers on instagram.  The video is still rapidly spreading, topping the trends for each of the hashtags submitted.

The “Me” single is a tune from 2015 but seems to be spot on for the new dance style.  The official music video, which was shot in the Dominican Republic can be viewed here on Popular Hip Hop as well: click here.


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