Daniel Caesar – Get You ( feat. Kali Uchis )

Need something smooth to put on your playlist?   A sound that will have your soul in a lazy boy reclined state?   If so, then here is what you need to do. Watch the official Daniel Caesar ‘Get You’ music video featuring Kali Uchis.

Who is this?

Apparently this soulful singer is a viral hit that’s going under the radar of Hip Hop culture blogs.  Over 2.13 million times this R&B music video has been played and liked by nearly 61k YouTube users.

The artist himself, get this, is another hitter from the 6!    Daniel’s a Toronto-native according to Forbes.com and likes to fuse the sounds of R&B, Soul, and techno when he lets his vocal chords marinate studio tracks laced with instrumentals.

Daniel Caesar sings "Get You" while lying on stage floor
Daniel Caesar sings “Get You” while lying on stage floor

The official Daniel Caesar “Get You” music video is no slack!  It’s an eclectic stage performance, where the soul-singer lets go of his current reality to connect with the story he is singing. He appears to be living in the emotion of the music in front of a crowd of spectators, taking off his shirt before lying down on the stage to recant memories as he sings.

Watch this powerful, viral R&B video now on Popular Hip Hop.   Long live the Urban culture’s finest.

Daniel Caesar in 'Get You' music video
Daniel Caesar in ‘Get You’ music video


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