Fans of Nicki Minaj In Paris Show Tattoos Of The Super Bass Rapper

Well Jay Z and Kanye West made the hit song “N–gas in Parris.”   Their live performance showed us how real the energy was that helped create the song.  Now it’s time to see ‘Barbies in Paris,’ as Nicki Minaj hit the city for Fashion Week.    Bringing a few die hard fans to a secret location to meet up, they were not the only ones to get surprised.

The fans surprised Nicki.   Not their first time going to a Nicki Minaj concert, it was however the ‘Barbs’ first time meeting the Queens rapper.  They showed her how dedicated they’ve been without needing to speak words.  Instead, they began showing tattoos.

“I’ve just traveled for 7 hours to Paris to see Nicki. She’s my life. She’s my love. She’s my everything.  I did this tattoo when she took me on stage in Germany,” spoke one male fan about his Minaj ink.

The tattoo on his hip bone appears to read “Onika 10.28.15,” commemorating the date which he first got close to the rap superstar.  He continues expressing emotions for Nick.

“She’s my everything. I love her so much. I really love her.”

Paris Fan shows Nicki MInaj tattoo on her leg
Paris Fan shows Nicki MInaj tattoo on her leg

The next fan immediately chimes in with her stories.

“I drove for 7 hours for Nicki. She’s my everything and I love her and I’ve got [her face],” says the Barbie fanatic.  After losing her breath speaking on Minaj, the camera pans down to show her facial tattoo of the Trinidadian songstress.

According to the video shared by Nicki, the fans had 6 tattoos total.  One guy, possibly the one with the tattoo commemorating Germany, even had a tattoo inside his lip.

See the full video of the fans meeting up and showing their tattoos above, here on Popular Hip Hop.  Courtsey of our instagram, follow @PopularHipHopDotCom



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